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Town Office winter hours are Mon-Thurs. 9:30-3:30 p.m.


This website was created as an online resource for the residents and visitors to the friendliest town in Wisconsin.  

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to get involved in our community.


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(photo of Nebish Lake, found on http://www.lifeinthenorthwoods.com )

Summer Afternoon Reflections at Nebish Lake (2)-L

Town Road Improvement Project Plan

3-22-2017 Meeting

Cost Estimates: Cost Estimates 03_22_17 DRAFT

Elector Handout: Elector Handout

TR Information Meeting: TR Information Meeting 03_22_17 DRAFT

3-15-2017 Meeting

Cost Estimates: Cost Estimates 03_15_17 DRAFT

Guiding Principals: Guiding Principles DRAFT 03_15_17

TR Information: TR Information Meeting 03_15_17 DRAFT

3-7-2017 Meeting

Cost Estimates: Cost Estimates 03_07_17v1

Project Timeline: PROJECT TIME LINE 03_07_17v1

3-2-2017 Meeting

Cost Estimates: Cost Estimates 03_02_17

Project Timeline: PROJECT TIME LINE 03_02_17 

2-23-17 Meeting

Road Building 101: Road Building 101 02_20_2017

Town Road Survey Overview: Town Road Survey Overview 2_20_17

Updated Cost Estimates 2-23-2017: Updated Cost Estimates 2_23_17

2-15-17 Meeting

Cost Update: Town Road Improvement Project - Cost Update 02_15_17 

Cost Information: Mark Barden Cost Info

1-24-17 Meeting

Road Construction Overview Powerpoint: Road Construciton Overview

Project Communication Plan Powerpoint: Communicaton Plan

Survey Overview Powerpoint: Survey Overview


1-11-17 Meeting 

Road Plan SpreadsheetTown Road Improvement Project Master 1-11-17

Road Plan PowerpointRoad Improvement Project 1-11-17

Road Plan Presentation PDF: Road Improvement Project 1-11-17 Final

Closer Look at Priority Ranking: Exhibit I Priority Ranking

Closer Look at Category & Pavement Type: Exhibit II Category & Pavement Type

Closer Look at Priority Groupings: Exhibit III Priority Groupings


Click here to view road improvement project updates.

Community Center rooms are availble to rent.
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Are you concerned about the future of the Town of Boulder Junction?

A newly formed committee of volunteers is looking for ideas & opinions from the community as we look to the future of our town for many generations to come.

Please complete our questionnaire found on the link below:


If you do not have internet access, please use the Boulder Junction Public Library computers. 



The Boulder Junction Economic Development/Connect Communities Committee,

 in conjunction with the Town of Boulder Junction and with community commitment and participation, will develop and promote economic opportunities and explore investment options supporting our strategic economic development objectives and activities to enhance ongoing community prosperity.


MEMBERS:  Colleen Swanson (Chairperson) - Fred Marsh – Steve Coon – Theresa Smith - Wendi Neupert - Eric Johnson –

Dan Jacoby – Laura Bertch - Cherie Sanderson – Amy Wheeler

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The risk of wildfire Is real in Boulder Junction.
Boulder Junction is taking steps to reduce those risks.

Town Statistics:

Land Size: 82 square miles

Water Size: 18 square miles
Fifth largest town in Vilas County

Population: 944 (Jan 2016 Estimate)

376 year-round dwellings
806 seasonal dwellings

Land Ownership:
Private 12.2 miles
State Land 63%
State Water 24.8%

Local Roads: 90.2 miles

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