Town Board

The Town of Boulder Junction is considered a municipal form of government.

The town meeting provides the means for town electors to exercise their statutory authority over governance of the town. This opportunity for qualified electors to attend a meeting and propose and vote on legislation is a unique feature of town law.

The day-to-day administrative issues are handled by an elected Town Board consisting of three members. Town boards are elected for two-year terms in spring elections of odd-numbered years.

The Town Board meets regularly at the Boulder Junction Community Center on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Public Notices, Meeting Minutes and Agendas are posted to the Town's website.

Town Chairman


5392 Park Street
Boulder Junction, WI  54512

Cell Phone: (262) 993-1857
Email: [email protected]

Town Supervisor


9487 The Narrows Trail
Boulder Junction, WI 54512

Cell Phone: (715) 892 - 1204
Email: [email protected]

Town Supervisor


5300 CTH H
Boulder Junction, WI 54512

Cell Phone: (715) 904 - 0599
Email: [email protected]